Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HI! I am Rys Areesa Nasir!

Salam and Hi!
Smile on my lips, that eventually I got this blog ready... another precious gift from my dearest heart and soul... Papa Nasir... my deep thank you for always making my dreams come true...

Hmm... what to write?
It seems ages I had break in writing. Back times, I used to write diaries. Very typical of me... ya, girls like diaries. Girls said they are friend, best one. Who could always be trusted to share and keep every single words, sentences and paragraph of happiness and sadness in heart. Really?

Then I started to write on screen, computer... then I had break... Now it happens again, but in the different media, blog!? I need to slowly learn how to write and share in this stuff.

It is ten past five... in another twenty minutes I can just carry my stuff and knock off.
It is exam week... final... in fact I am now in the middle of marking tasks.

May 19th... today... and just how many other days to reach the May 31st? What is that with May 31st?

Hmm.. need to get my stuff ready by now...10 to five now and I need to rush on something. I'll be back!